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Curtain wall system

Curtain walls are light-weight aluminum, glass filled structures that are secured to the slab of each floor of the building.  The word curtain comes from the idea of hanging on the building. Curtain walls deliver a beautiful finish to the building, with an infinite possibility of numbers of floor spans and an infinite amount of ways to be designed.

Glass Curtain Walls
Store fronts

Store Fronts

Store fronts are glass filled, light-weight aluminum structures that make up the face of a store. Each store-front includes an aluminum door containing glass.


A skylight is an opening in a structure’s roof that is made of glass. This structure allows to admit as much sun-light as possible, lighting up the space. They can increase privacy, reduce energy use during the day, improve comfort, and brighten up small rooms.

Spyder glass systems

Spyder- glass system

Spyder Glass systems are the most transparent approach to curtain walls, due to the fact of not having any thick horizontal nor vertical structural pieces. This system uses stainless steel fixings to its benefit. Proved to be very durable in all conditions and highly absorbing of static and dynamic loads.


Mirrored glass is highly reflective, it is used in a decorative approach on facades.  Mirrored glass is a stunning material choice that can keep unwanted gazes out and let streams of light flood in.

Mirrored glass
Safety Glass

Safety Glass

Fire rated and tempered glass are both categorized under safety glass. Fire rated glass is used to minimize heat transfer and fire spread. Tempered glass is highly resistant to impact incase of an object striking a building. When tempered glass does break, it breaks into small pieces of glass that are not sharp and decreases the possibility of injuring someone.

Glass doors and Balustrades

Glass doors are used for the interior as-well as the exterior of the building. In the modern day they are made of safety glass, more specifically tempered glass. 

Balustrades come in a framed or frameless form made of glass. A balustrade can act as a fence or a railing, typically used for balconies or stairs.

Glass Doors

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